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Kent Darr is the Business Record’s Agriculture and Environment beat reporter.

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Lifting a bridge is part of Des Moines flood protection strategy

The floods of 2008 defied previous studies and predictions about what the city of Des Moines could expect during periods of high water. This year, the City Council approved an aggressive flood protection plan that includes lifting one bridge, tearing down another and looking to the state to create a big breach for future floodwaters along the U.S. Highway 65 Bypass. Read full story

Private investors buying Iowa farm land, says realtor

At 31, Steve Bruere has turned a fascination with dirt into a diverse real estate company that is focused primarily on farmland and its ownership, management and stewardship. With farmland prices soaring along with the costs of equipment, he predicts that private investors will be needed to provide capital for the state’s future farmers. Read full story

Pricey land, dry or not

This year’s drought did little to diminish the value of Iowa farmland, with farmers driving up prices in bidding wars for prime ground and private investors beginning to nose around the market in search of steady returns. Read full story