Lance Armstrong, the seven-time Tour de France cycling winner stripped of his titles because of a doping scandal, has resigned from the board of the Livestrong Foundation, the charity he began 15 years ago after testicular cancer nearly ended his career, Bloomberg reported.

The move, coming 18 days after he stepped down as the group's chairman, is designed to further distance Armstrong from the Austin, Texas-based foundation as a way to help it survive the fall from grace of one of the world's best-known athletes, foundation officials said.

Though the foundation has sufficient reserves to overcome a contribution downturn, according to its officials, supporters said they were concerned the move may not be enough to overcome the damage already done.

"It'll take years until people think of it as something other than being Armstrong's charity, said Steve Schooner, 52, a testicular cancer survivor whose fund raising won him a bike ride with Armstrong in 2009 and brought in $50,000 for the foundation. Read more.