These questions are timeless.

People choose to do business with the people they know and the brands they trust—especially in Des Moines.

Provide your team with a solid foundation to support sales initiatives. Through an IMPACTFUL campaign within the Business Record you will:

- Establish consistent contact with your potential customers.
- Cultivate new prospects by introducing your brand to broad audience of pre-qualified consumers.
- Educate and develop a relationship with prospects.
- Build credibility with your potential customers through the testimonials of existing, loyal customers.

Impact 2014 Packages

Not all business’ needs are the same which is why we developed a class system similar to that within the real estate market in order to categorize the exposure, value, and discount you’ll receive with each option. To find a package that fits best for your company's needs, contact a Business Record Account Executive below.

Ashley Holter
Sales & Custom Publishing Manager

desk: (515) 288-0711
cell: (515) 509-3975

Carole Chambers
Director of Strategic Partnerships

desk: (
515) 244-9492
cell: (515) 689-4429
Meet Carole

Lori Bratrud
Senior Account Executive
& Book of List Sales Manager

desk: (515) 288-0411
cell: (515) 883-0610
Meet Lori

Katherine Harrington
Senior Account Executive 
& innovationIOWA Magazine Sales Manager

desk: (515)288-0501
cell: (515) 689-4447
Meet Katherine
Maria Davis
Senior Account Executive

desk: 515-288-0432
cell: (515) 249-5995