Health care
– What's Next?

When it comes to health care, the only certainty is uncertainty.
After seven years of learning and gradually understanding where they stood with the complexities of the Affordable Care Act, Iowa businesses, health providers and the insurance industry are again facing major uncertainty.
Though the most recent attempt to repeal Obamacare failed, a Republican majority in Congress means the potential for sweeping changes or significant tweaks remains. At the state level, insurance exchanges risk implosion as major carriers discontinue coverage — with the latest move made by Wellmark to discontinue individual coverage in Iowa beginning next year. In addition, companies in Iowa’s privatized Medicaid system have been bleeding red ink and are seeking additional state funding to provide care to the state’s neediest populations.
Meanwhile, health care providers and insurers are grappling with accelerating health care costs that show little signs of slowing down. That leads to a variety of key questions for you and your business that our panelists will help answer, such as...

  • What can employers expect for insurance rates in the future?
  • How will potential changes to the law affect your business?
  • How can your company have control and influence over rising costs?
  • What steps are health care providers taking to reduce costs?
  • How is the state positioned to deal with health care challenges moving forward?