Topic: How employee mental health impacts business

The recent tragedy of Lufthansa Flight 9525 is a startling example of how an employee’s mental health can impact a company, its clients and the public. Data demonstrates one-in-five of your employees are currently experiencing a mental illness.

·  How do you recognize those in need of help?
·  How do you balance protecting your company and employees while doing the right thing by helping those in need?
·  What steps can you take, and where are the inevitable HR issues stemming from these complicated situations?

Join us at this Power Breakfast as we ignite a conversation on how to recognize an issue, provide necessary support and legally protect your business.


Ann Holden Kendell, J.D.
Attorney, BrownWinick law firm

Beth Nigut, J.D.
Senior Vice President, EMC Insurance Co.

Tammy Hoyman
CEO, Employee & Family Resources

Matt Connolly
Realtor, Iowa Realty, Commercial & Residential


Chris Conetzkey
Editor, Business Record