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  • Closer Look: Tom Harty
    The night before Meredith Corp. announced Tom Harty would be its new president and CEO, the stalwart Des Moines-based media company signed a $2.8 billion deal to buy Time Inc., a company four times bigger than Meredith. 
  • Weapons in the talent war
    Our annual look at the prospects for hiring new workers takes a fresh turn this year with the results of a panel discussion at our Newsroom515 series. 

    We assembled four authorities on related topics Oct. 17 and asked if they had advice for all of us as 2020 approaches.
  • Three major accelerators announce they’re coming to Central Iowa
    Oct. 22 was a good day for Mike Colwell in Des Moines. It capped off quite the season so far for the region’s startup community. 
  • A Closer Look: Julie Larson
    Julie Larson balances detail-oriented leadership with a generous heart: Last year, she hand-wrapped 250 presents for her staff. She also took on multiple crafting projects for her daughter’s wedding, from the flowers to the invitations – no detail is too small. 
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  • It’s easy to see unethical behavior in the past, Stanford University’s Martin Hellman will argue next week when he delivers the Robert Stewart Distinguished Lecture at Iowa State University. Slavery was wrong, as was denying voting rights to women and minorities, he noted in an email.
  • I have the good fortune of talking to business owners and leaders every day of the week. Over the past 18 months or so, I have detected a shift in mood and overall outlook. Business leaders are fretting about 2020.
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  • CEO Video: Jim Swift
    Jim Swift, chairman and CEO of Holmes Murphy & Associates, gives his views on what makes an organization successful.  
  • CEO VIDEOS: David Vellinga
    Digital Link
    David Vellinga, president and CEO of Mercy Medical Center - Des Moines, found out early in life that hospital workers are a compassionate group. View video
  • CEO Videos: Bill Knapp II
    Bill Knapp II talks about his background and the path that led him to Knapp Properties Inc.
    View Video
  • DigitaLink: Steve Zumbach
    Steve Zumbach of Belin McCormick P.C. talks about lessons learned growing up on a dairy farm and as a wrestler.
  • DigitaLink - Eric Crowell
    Eric Crowell, president and CEO of Iowa Health - Des Moines, recalls how Scouting led him to a health-care career. 
  • DigitaLink: Kristi Knous
    Kristi Knous, president and chief operating officer of the Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines, talks about her love of philanthropy.
  • DigitaLink: JoAnn Johnson
    JoAnn Johnson, superintendent of the Iowa Division of Credit Unions, talks about a winning season.
  • VIDEO: DigitaLink - Mike Helak
    U.S. Bank Regional President Mike Helak talks about his start in the financial services industry.
  • DigitaLink - Glenn Lyons
    Glenn Lyons, president and CEO of the Downtown Community Alliance, talks about the elements that are shaping the future of downtown.
  • VIDEO: DigitaLink - Suku Radia
    Suku Radia, president of Bankers Trust Co., shares how he got his start in the financial services industry and talks about his very first job.
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