Gov. Terry Branstad joined DuPont's chairwoman and CEO Ellen Kullman, at a ceremony this morning to open the Johnston Innovation Centerthe company's second innovation center in the United States and its 12th worldwide.


The company also announced plans to move forward with a planned expansion of a separate DuPont Pioneer research facility in Johnston that will add 100 more jobs.


The 3,500-square-foot Johnston Innovation Center, as part of the company's global network of innovation centers, "provides a unique environment for collaboration among more than 10,000 DuPont scientists and engineers with customers, government officials, academics and business partners around the world," Kullman said in a release. In the past two years, the company has generated more than 225 active projects from the innovation center model, she said.


This fall, DuPont will break ground on an additional Johnston research facility, Beaver Creek II. Last fall, the company received state tax incentives for the planned 180,000-square-foot expansion.


In April 2012, the company opened the first phase of that project, a 200,000-square-foot plant genetics research facility, which added about 400 jobs.


Kullman also noted that DuPont is investing more than $200 million in its commercial cellulosic ethanol production facility that's under construction in Nevada, Iowa. The construction of the facility will employ more than 1,000 construction workers. It will employ more than 60 full-time jobs and involve hundreds of farmers who will supply the crop residue to the facility upon completion.


"Iowa is critical to meeting many of the food and energy demands globally, and we are proud to build on our business here in the state," she said.