Farmers -- and ranchers -- large and small have been getting advice from Meredith Corp.'s Successful Farming magazine for more than 110 years, and now the company plans to school them about marketing. Meredith Agrimedia will launch a 12-week course in December called the Successful Farming Marketing Academy for farmers and ranchers to improve their marketing skills, according to a release. Class topics will include insight and instruction about how an exchange works, futures and options, charting and ways to improve revenue. According to a marketing study released today by Meredith Agrimedia, more than 75 percent of crop farmers and 87 percent of livestock ranchers make their own marketing decisions. They rate cash sale, forward cash contracts and futures contracts as the top three marketing tools they use. In addition, the results demonstrated that participants were evenly split between managing risk and enhancing price when asked to categorize the primary goal of their marketing, according to the release. "The larger the operation, the more likely the farmer is to focus on managing risk rather than enhancing price," Alejandro Munoz de la Cruz, manager of market research for Meredith Agrimedia, said in the release. Click here for more information and to register for the academy.