I sat in Thursday on a couple of the morning sessions of the second annual Denim Summit hosted by Denim Labs. The conference — created by Denim founder Gregory Bailey — brings together insurtech and financial services experts from Greater Des Moines and around the country to discuss the latest trends in digital marketing. 

The amount of money that companies spend on ads to be viewed by consumers on their smartphones is a big barometer for where the digital economy is headed, Bailey told participants at the sold-out event held at the River Center downtown.  

According to Bailey, whose 3-year-old Des Moines-based startup specializes in delivering micro-targeted mobile and social media campaigns, 70 percent of all digital ad spending is now in mobile advertising. As a category, spending on mobile advertising — about $76 billion — surpassed the $70 billion spent on TV advertising. By 2020, experts project that mobile ad spending will surpass all other categories of ad spending as well. “So we use it as a strong measuring stick of where technology is headed,” he told participants. 

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