If you know someone is moving to Des Moines, what should you tell them about the city? A recent post on the real estate blog Movoto lays out some things that you might consider.


The post, "21 things you need to know about Des Moines before you move there," features a look at some of the things that we take for granted locally but that people moving here might not understand.



  • The Des Moines downtown has transformed into a destination, which was not the case 20 years ago.
  • You have to pick a side in the Iowa vs. Iowa State rivalry, but choose wisely.
  • We are home to great food (such as Zombie Burger + Drink Lab) and great drinking establishments (such as El Bait Shop).
  • Everybody talks about the Flood of '93.
  • We're not a "backwards right-wing town," as we have legalized same-sex marriage, and living here means you'll probably get plenty of opportunities to meet the next president.

Check out the full list; it's an interesting look at the good, and unique, things about the city from an outside perspective.