Brews, hot dogs and baseball. Yes, it is opening day, possibly the real start of spring and time to start an investment account to pay for the price of a game and refreshments at many American ballparks, according to CNNMoney.


Classic baseball refreshments like hot dogs and beer can vary widely in price depending on the ballpark, CNNMoney found when it surveyed all 30 major league teams.


Mets fans at New York's Citi Field shell out the most for a regular hot dog -- $6.25 a pop.


Cincinnati Reds' watchers at Great American Ball Park can get a dog for just a buck -- the cheapest of any of the 26 stadiums that replied to CNNMoney's price requests. So Cincinnati fans can get six franks for less than the price of a single hot dog at Citi Field.


Meanwhile, thirsty fans pay the most at Washington Nationals games -- where, unless they take advantage of a $5 drink special before the first pitch, the cheapest beer available is a 16-ounce can for $8.


For half that, beer drinkers can get a 12-ounce draft at Cleveland Indians games. The best deal? A 14-ounce beer for $4 at Arizona Diamondbacks' Chase Field.Read more.