Register Media Publisher Rick Green sent an email Tuesday afternoon to what he called the Register's "community partners", elaborating on what Gannetts decision to separate its broadcast properties from newspapers means. Here is an excerpt from the email: 

Our parent company, Gannett, issued a major announcement this morning, just before Wall Street opened: We are creating two publicly traded companies by mid-2015 that will separate our broadcasting and digital businesses from our publishing division.

As I share the link that provides more details, let me tell you this: I’m cheering the move.  It means good things for our new company, my team, our readers, our advertisers and this wonderful state that we serve.

It’s a bold move – and a smart one that I’m sure you’ve seen unfold at several other multi-media companies. I believe it’s a strategic step that will allow both our new Publishing Division (which will include the Register,, and all of our other digital and print assets, as well as USA TODAY and 81 other media sites) and the Broadcast-Digital unit to separately invest and pursue partnerships/acquisitions without worrying about how those moves affect other divisions.  

When the “unlocking” of the two sides is complete, I am confident the Register will emerge with an even sharper focus on our future and the markets we serve.

In a quick summary, here’s what it means…and what it doesn’t mean:

  • The new Publishing Division will retain the Gannett name.
  • You still can count on the Register – on all of its platforms, from our morning edition to everything we’re doing on desktop, laptops, tablets and smart phones – to continue be a strong, proud, engaged and essential part of life in Iowa.
  • Nothing is going to detract from our mission of being the primary source of news and entertainment in Iowa. We still proudly have the state’s largest newsroom and its most sophisticated sales and marketing team.
  • We also will offer unparalleled digital advertising and marketing solutions, including Cars.Com and
  • My vision remains strong and focused: Content is king. Today’s announcement will have no effect on our capabilities or our innovative and aggressive pursuit of the news Iowa depends upon.  
  • It optimizes each company’s capital structure and financial flexibility. As part of this plan, our new Publishing Company will be virtually debt-free.
  • Our role in the community will not change: We will continue to be a catalyst for the greater good of Iowa.

You all are aware of my deep and unbridled passion for this industry, the First Amendment, Register Media and the role we play in Des Moines and beyond. I’m enthusiastic about what this means … and about a future that is laser-like focused on serving readers, advertisers, subscribers, communities, companies and partners like each of you.