Des Moines has been recognized by Fortune as one of five U.S. cities with an up-and-coming downtown.


The video is narrated by Leigh Gallagher, author of "The End of the Suburbs: Where the American Dream is Moving." Des Moines is No. 1 on her list.


"Des Moines is often known as the No. 1 spot for U.S. insurance companies, but the city is also getting its hip on too," Gallagher says.


She goes on to mention the 80/35 music festival, a growing startup scene and three semifinalists for the 2014 James Beard Awards for outstanding restaurants and chefs. The semifinalists were Centro's George Formaro for Outstanding Restaurateur, Cafe di Scala's Phil Shires as Best Chef, Midwest, and Proof's Sean Wilson for Best Chef, Midwest.


Joining Des Moines on the list are Kansas City at No. 2, Allentown, Pa., at No. 3, Louisville, Ky., at No. 4, and a downtown neighborhood in Cincinnati at No. 5.


About Kansas City, Gallagher says "The Manhattanization of the Midwest is well underway in Kansas City, Mo., with several large-scale apartments and high-rises going up in the city center, largely driven by young professionals and empty nesters."