Submitted by Ali Payne, president of ethOs

The new year is a time to create personal goals, reset and refresh. At the same time, the winter season in Iowa can be a burden on many people. This time of year means limited hours of sunlight, and paired with the bitter cold driving us indoors, this sometimes brings little interaction with the outside world and others around us.

Everyone deals with stress differently, and too much piling up on one’s plate without the right outlet can lead someone to feel burned out and overwhelmed. Especially for women, who often face additional family responsibilities outside of the workplace, among other obligations.

An employee’s well-being dramatically affects their work performance and their engagement within the organization. And while many people only share their ambitions with a few close loved ones, it is important to remember that taking an active interest in supporting employees’ goals, in and outside of the office, is an effective way to encourage an honest, high-efficiency culture. At ethOs, we help companies understand their culture by enhancing the employee experience, empowering the whole person and bringing noticeable engagement on all levels.  

In order to reach the goals your company established for 2022, addressing concerns about burnout is a key component in furthering success. Although most employers have resources available, they don’t effectively communicate them to their employees, which in turn could lead to burnout over time and a high turnover rate.

The following are different ways to address burnout and focus on the well-being of employees:

  • Build connections. Connecting with employees (or with each other) one-on-one is the most important way to make an immediate impact.
  • Leave judgment at the door. Try to steer clear of judgment and telling an employee that everyone is feeling the same.
  • Show acknowledgment. Acknowledge the issue with employees on an individual level and help them figure out different ways to manage their workloads.
  • Show recognition. Recognize employees for their efforts and offer help. Roll up your sleeves if needed.
  • Be open. Create a safe place for them to share their feelings.

Supporting employees in their mental well-being does not just foster a healthier and happier workforce, but it may also improve productivity and lower costs. According to the World Health Organization, every $1 invested in mental health care brings a return of $4 in increased health and productivity.

While it may not always be easy, there are always tangible steps that employers can take to reduce burnout, promote healthy lifestyles and ensure maximum productivity. Through collaboration on all levels, employees can feel good about reaching their personal and organizational goals in the new year and months to come. 

Ali Payne is the president of ethOs. With over 20 years of experience, she leads a team of engagement and well-being experts who work with clients not only to develop a strategy to drive employee engagement, but also to help them focus on the right employee experience and resources for all of the demographics in their workplace.