Des Moines received another positive piece of national press today, this time in an article in the Kansas City Star Magazine.


The article, titled "Fresh, hip and happening Des Moines," touts that the city is "not only a fun place to live," but a fun place for a weekend trip.


The article's author, Edward M. Eveld, visited attractions such as the East Village, the John and Mary Pappajohn Sculpture Park and the Downtown Farmers Market.


Sources in the article peg 2006 as a "benchmark year," when it became clear that downtown was consistently getting better and retaining young professionals. The article quotes, among others, Raygun Owner Mike Draper, who says, "A lot of us thought, 'I'm going to create the city I'd like to see.'"


It also quotes Zachary Mannheimer, founder of the Des Moines Social Club, who says, "For those who say we can't be all things for all people, just watch."


This is the second media item this week that has painted the city in a positive light. Earlier this week, 80/35 music festival headliner David Byrne wrote in a blog that the people of Des Moines seem to have found something "beyond cool."