One of the very few positive things about being stuck at home during this pandemic is the time I've gained in the morning.

No more standing in front of the mirror making sure my hair is properly styled. No more spending time picking out clothes or ironing them.

I just pull on a sweatshirt and pants, pour myself a cup of coffee and head to the computer. The Wall Street Journal this week has a piece by two two writers who opine about the pros and cons of getting dressed up to work at home.

Katharine K. Zarrella favors taking time to look semi-professional and urges readers to toss the sweaty sweatshirt in the hamper and put on some nice clothes and not just from the waist up. Doing so reminds people of their self-worth, she writes. 

"We set our self-esteem according to ... other people's interactions with us," London psychologist Carolyn Mair told Zarrella. "We don't have that at the moment, so we have to value ourselves."

Fashion editor Rory Satran, on the other hand, writes that she feels no need to dress up. Satran writes that while she hasn't lost hope, she's just being realistic.

"For those of us lucky enough to shelter in place and work from home, it’s time to lean into the pajama game, to embrace comfort and coziness," Satron writes.

The Business Record would love to hear what our readers who are working at home are wearing to their home offices and why they either dress somewhat professionally or just pull on whatever is available. Send us your 50-word-or-less responses and we'll share them in an upcoming newsletter and print edition. You can email us at