A Norwalk couple is making plans to build the ultimate doghouse for their four dogs – a multifaceted facility that caters to pet owners and their four-legged friends.

Plans call for Paws & Pints to include off-leash outdoor and indoor dog parks, a bar and coffeehouse as well as an on-site veterinarian clinic, dog day care, overnight accommodations,  a training facility and a retail shop.

Kyle and Megan Casey are raising money from investors to build the facility and have a contract to buy 7.2 acres at Southwest Park Avenue and 63rd Street from Cornerstone Family Church. They have worked with Slingshot Architecture on designs for the facility and contacted local business about participating in the venture.

“This is going to be the first place [in the Greater Des Moines area] that really combines the culture of dog ownership along with the everyday needs of dog owners,” said Kyle Casey, 33, whose background is in mortgage banking.

The couple quietly launched a website for Paws & Pints about a month ago and have nearly 800 dogs preregistered on a VIP list. They’ve also received about 60 resumes from people interested in working at the business.

“Once word got out about what we were doing, it spread like wildfire,” said Megan Casey, 32, a Drake University graduate who studies restaurant analytics for a major food distributor.

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