A statewide group of Iowa business, faith and community leaders on Monday launched the Iowa Coalition for Immigration Reform. The organization, sponsored by the New American Economy, calls for national immigration reform policies that take into account the benefits that immigrants bring to the state. Among the coalition's 18 leaders are Bankers Trust CEO Suku Radia, Des Moines Bishop Richard Pates and Des Moines Area Community College President Rob Denson. According to research by NAE, a national immigration reform group, more than 150,000 immigrants live in Iowa, including more than 6,000 entrepreneurs, and 70 percent are of working age. The coalition seeks to make Iowa's congressional leaders aware that sound new immigration policy is needed if Iowa is to reach its full economic potential. "Our intention is to bring together different voices into one united voice," Denson said in a conference call announcing the group. "The message I've got for our congressional delegation is that we've got open jobs, and that the workforce is needed to expand and be competitive." The complete list of leaders: Luis Arredondo, Rob Barron, Ben Bruns, Joe Crookham, Dan Culhane, Rob Denson, Tej Dhawan, Kent Henning, Drew Kamp, Henry Marquard, Matt Mardis-Lecroy, Isaiah McGee, Peter F. Orazem, Richard E. Pates, Molly Peiffer, Mark Putnam, Suku Radia, Charles Valenti-Hein