More than 25 area nonprofits are currently in major fundraising campaigns, according to the Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines.  

On one end of the scale is the Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden, an organization in the middle of a multistage campaign to raise $18 million. On the other end are groups like Freedom for Youth Ministries, which wants to raise $600,000 to construct an employment training center for homeless and at-risk young adults.

While some organizations have met or are closing in on goals, ongoing capital campaigns in Greater Des Moines combined are seeking almost $168 million.

With so much demand for charitable funding, it poses the question ... 

Do you feel donor fatigue is a problem in Greater Des Moines?

A) Yes, it's a big problem

B) Yes, it's a slight problem

C) No, there isn't a problem

D) I'm not sure

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