Planning your company's holiday party? Courtney Tompkins and her partners have a deal for you.


Tompkins and four other Greater Des Moines business owners just created DSM Pop-Up Parties to help small businesses or organizations plan their holiday gatherings. The business offers one-stop party planning, setup and organization, a private venue, decor, music, entertainment and choice of menu for a flat fee per person.


It's offering lunch, cocktail or dinner parties Dec. 3-15  at an East Village photography studio.


"It solves a really big problem: It is hard to plan a small corporate party," Tompkins said.


The entrepreneurs each contributed their expertise to the venture, and by booking the venue, renting tables and chairs and creating decorations that are reused, they've bundled their costs to keep the parties affordable. The base fee is $40 a person for a sit-down lunch, $45 for a cocktail party and $60 for a sit-down dinner.


"You're paying $40 a person for a fabulous luncheon in an elegant venue that's all about you," Tompkins said. "We're just trying to make a very special event available on a budget."  


Tompkins said the partners are friends and business owners, all between the ages of 30 and 40, who meet once a month to network. The idea bubbled up at their last meeting "and we hit the ground running."


The partners are Gina Cramer, owner of Make It Happen Events, providing event production and decor; Andrea Hansen, co-owner of Venuefox, an event planning website; Ryan Kolder, owner of On The Spot, who does event videos; Courtney Tompkins, owner of JustCourtney Productions, providing marketing and design; and Tara Dudley, owner of Plant Life Designs, who is creating floral decorations.


Parties can be booked through the business's website,,or through email to