Time Warner rejects $80 billion offer from Murdoch's Fox

Wall Street Journal: Time Warner Inc. rejected an offer made by Twenty-First Century Fox Inc. that would have united two behemoths in the media world. Time Warner said the offer wasn't in the best interests of the company, and that its strategic plan will create significantly more value "and is superior to any proposal that Twenty-First Century Fox is in a position to offer."


Amazon testing 'Kindle Unlimited' e-book subscription service

VentureBeat: Kindle Unlimited will apparently give Amazon.com Inc. customers access to more than 600,000 book titles for $10 per month, according to a leaked webpage, which was first spotted by GigaOm. This would pit Amazon against services like Oyster, which offers a Netflix-like unlimited service for e-books, and a growing list of others, like children's book-focused Epic.


Company limits bathroom breaks to 6 minutes a day

CNNMoney: Spend more than 6 minutes a day in the bathroom at Chicago's WaterSaver Faucet company and you'll face disciplinary measures. That's what a union contends the manufacturer is pulling: timing bathroom breaks and warning employees when they can't beat the clock. The union, Teamsters Local 743, filed a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board claiming that WaterSaver unfairly disciplined 19 workers in June for "excessive use" of washrooms.