They can drive cars, win on "Jeopardy!" and find your soon-to-be-favorite song. Machines are also learning to decipher the most human qualities about you -- and help businesses predict your potential to be their next star employee, according to Bloomberg.

A handful of technology companies are developing video games and online questionnaires that measure personality attributes in a job applicant. Based on patterns of how a company's best performers responded in these assessments, the software estimates a candidate's suitability to be everything from a warehouse worker to an investment bank analyst.


Having people work at what they do best would make them more productive, bolstering the economy's capacity to expand, Erik Brynjolfsson, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, told Bloomberg.


"People are our biggest resource, and right now a lot of them are mismatched," Brynjolfsson said. "If you put the right kind of person in the right task, it's good for that person and it's good for the company."