Charles Murray, author of "The Bell Curve" and 2013 Iowa Author of the Year, will appear at this year's Iowa Author Dinner, a fundraiser for the Des Moines Public Library Foundation. The 14th annual dinner will be held Friday, Oct. 4, from 6 to 9 p.m. at the Grand Hall of The Temple for Performing Arts. In addition to being a fundraiser, the dinner is intended to celebrate Iowa's literary heritage. Murray, a Newton native, co-authored "The Bell Curve", a 1994 New York Times best-seller with the late Richard J. Hermstein, a book that sparked controversy for its analysis of the role of IQ in shaping the country's class structure. Other authors who will appear at the event include Kelly D. Norris and Wendy Delsol. Tickets are $150 ($115 of which is tax-deductible), and sponsorship opportunities are still available. Contact Dory Briles at 515-248-6402 or by email at