Healthy Birth Day Inc., a Des Moines nonprofit that created the public awareness campaign Count the Kicks to reduce the rate of stillborn births, has launched a $2 million fundraising campaign as part of its effort to expand to a nationwide movement. Count the Kicks teaches the method and importance of tracking fetal movement in the third trimester of pregnancy. Scientific studies show that expectant moms should learn what is a normal movement pattern for their baby and track the movement every day. When "normal" changes, this could be a sign of potential problems and an indication to call their provider. Since the campaign began in Iowa, the state's stillbirth rate has decreased by 26 percent, taking the rate from 33rd to third-lowest in the country, organizers say. Founded by five Greater Des Moines moms, the organization hopes to save 6,000 babies annually nationwide. For more information and to donate, visit the organization's website.