After five years of perfecting its business model and building a presence in Greater Des Moines, Crème Cupcake + Dessert is moving to a national level.


Crème owner Christina Moffatt has partnered with former Jimmy John's CEO Gregg Majewski to nationally franchise the Crème concept. Next, Crème Franchise Inc. is seeking up to $1.5 million in capital from accredited investors to build a second company-owned Crème location in a nearby market.


"It was always a long-term goal of mine to grow the business and expand further than Des Moines," Moffatt said. "I just knew it would take the right person to make it happen."


What started as a hobby for Moffatt turned into a business in July 2010. Crème started as a wholesale and custom bakery, and after a handful of location changes, the business ultimately settled into its current space on 28th Street off Ingersoll Avenue in August 2012.


At this point, the company will move forward as Crème Franchise Inc. The first step in Crème's expansion is to bring investors into the fold. The $1.5 million in capital that Crème needs will be used to build a second location. Moffatt and her team currently have their eyes on Omaha or Iowa City. The second store will be company-owned and, in addition to the Des Moines flagship store, will serve as a training location for future franchise owners.


This fall, Crème plans to start selling units to established franchise operators and restaurant groups in second-tier markets with a goal of growing from the Midwest out. Early target markets include Minneapolis, Kansas City, Madison and the Chicago suburbs.


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