Most security professionals think securing data in the cloud is harder than keeping on-premises systems safe, but they're still preparing for a future in the clouds, VentureBeat reported 

Of 130 security professionals polled at the 2014 RSA security conference, 74 percent view cloud security as a bigger concern this year than in 2013 and 66 percent think the cloud is substantially more difficult to secure than on-premise options, according to a survey by cloud data protection company PerSpecsys.


Part of the difficulty stems from employees who want to use their cloud apps everywhere, regardless of company policy. Nearly 31 percent of respondents said their organizations don't allow employees to access cloud apps like Dropbox and Salesforce on their mobile devices, but they do it anyway. Respondents also said that 34 percent of organizations don't use any cloud encryption or tokenization.


"[That] data reinforces that simply blocking access isn't an option," PerspecSys CEO David Canellos said in a statement. "It's time to be proactive and put long-trusted security tools such as encryption and tokenization in place to make sure that no matter where your data is, it is protected."