Former Microsoft Corp. executive Kurt DelBene has been named to replace Jeffrey Zients as the manager of the U.S. health care website, Bloomberg reported. Zients is taking over as the White House chief economic adviser.


DelBene was most recently the president of the Microsoft division responsible for its Office software. Zients has been credited with leading a six-week repair job on the website.


The announcement comes as President Barack Obama meets with more than a dozen big-name technology executives today to discuss cybersecurity and the failures of the website, CNNMoney reported.


Those in attendance include Apple Inc. CEO Tim Cook, Google Inc. Chairman Eric Schmidt, Facebook Inc. Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg and Yahoo Inc. CEO Marissa Mayer.


The leaders and the president will discuss how the tech sector can help the government avoid future information technology screw-ups like the website rollout. They will also talk about the impact of "unauthorized intelligence disclosures" on national security.


Meanwhile, Microsoft expects to name a new CEO early next year, Reuters reported. The company is searching for a replacement for Steve Ballmer, who announced his retirement in August.