The Greater Des Moines commercial real estate market should experience up to two years of continued growth, according to a panel of CBRE|Hubbell Commercial real estate experts who participated in the unveiling of the brokerage's annual surveys of the various segments of property types that make up the market.

Some things not to expect are a boom in speculative office space, with much of the office development coming from longtime Greater Des Moines institutions.

And the recent openings and planned openings of boutique grocery stores probably has limited life cycle given that they cater to narrowly defined demographics.

Brokers will look to fill nearly 2 million square feet of warehouse space as existing occupants move to new facilities.

A rise in apartment rents of between 5 and 10 percent should be mitigated by the addition of nearly 4,000 apartment units over the next several years.

One area that did not boom in 2015 was the sales of commercial properties in Dallas, Polk and Warren counties. Sales of properties with price tags of at least $500,000 dropped 15.6 percent to $260 million last year from $308 million in 2014.

One exception was the number of sales of retail properties, which increased to 46 transactions in 2015, up from 28 in 2104, said investment experts Linda Gibbs and Tim Sharpe, who said they lacked a good explanation for the increase. The value of those retail sales increased to $106 million from $$93.6 million in 2014.

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