Sellers continue to have the upper hand in the Iowa real estate market, with prices rising over the last year and a relatively tight inventory of homes for sale, according to a report today from the Iowa Association of Realtors. Sales were up 3.7 percent over the year, increasing to 3,875 homes sold last month from 3,737 sales in August 2012. Homes sold last month had been on the market an average 75 days, compared with 98 days a year ago. The statewide inventory of homes on the market was down 6.4 percent from last year, despite a 3.8 percent increase in new active listings. The average sale price was up 7.8 percent, while the median sale price was up 4.7 percent from the previous August. The average sale price was $161,860 in August 2013 and $150,158 in August 2012. The median sale price jumped to $135,000 last month from $129,000 a year ago. Go to for an article about August numbers for the Greater Des Moines market.