The nonpartisan Tax Foundation this morning released its 2014 State Business Tax Climate survey, which kept Iowa in 40th place among all states for its business taxes. It's the third straight year that Iowa has been ranked near the bottom.

The property tax reform enacted earlier this year improved the business climate in Iowa but not enough to gain ground in the foundation's national tax ranking. The state director of the National Federation of Independent Business said the lack of improvement in rankings should encourage lawmakers to keep working on bigger and more significant reforms.

"We are moving in the right direction, but we've got more work to do," said NFIB Iowa State Director Kristin Failor. "We've got some competitors in our part of the country who've been very aggressive at cutting business taxes, and they still have an edge over Iowa."

The Tax Foundation ranks states according to five categories. Iowa ranks 49 for its corporate tax, 38th for property taxes, 36th for unemployment insurance taxes, 32nd for its individual income tax and 24th for its sales tax.

"There's a lot of room for improvement in these numbers," Failor said. "There's no reason that we should be at the bottom of the pile in almost every category. If we want businesses to locate in Iowa, stay in Iowa and grow in Iowa, then we have to let them and their customers keep more of their money."