The view from abroad? We're berrinches

The New York Times: "The word many Mexicans now use to describe Washington reflects a familiar mix of outrage and exasperation: berrinche. Technically defined as a tantrum, berrinches are also spoiled little rich kids, blind to their privilege and the effects of their misbehavior. 'It's a display of American arrogance,' said Raúl Silva, 40, an entrepreneur grabbing coffee at an upscale cafe here. 'It's a problem, and it's going to affect us.' Faced with Washington's march toward a default, the world has reacted mostly with disbelief that the reigning superpower could fall into such dysfunction, worry over global suffering to come and frustration that American lawmakers could let the problem reach this point."

Food prices are on the rise; a real-time look

CNNMoney: "You're likely paying more for products like beans, wheat bread, tomatoes and mayonnaise. You won't hear that in the government inflation report, which was delayed because of the government shutdown. But an alternative index released Tuesday from San Francisco-based startup Premise uses image snapshots to build an even more comprehensive set of data to track prices. The company aims to provide up-to-the-minute price information on thousands of food and other consumer products worldwide."

JPMorgan to pay $100 million to settle with CFTC on Whale trades

Reuters: "JPMorgan Chase & Co has reached an agreement with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission to pay $100 million to settle charges related to the bank's 'London Whale' trading scandal, according to media reports. The U.S. derivatives regulator is expected to leverage new powers granted to it by the Dodd-Frank financial law and fine JPMorgan for the reckless use of so-called manipulative devices, The Wall Street Journal reported."