Congress passes compromise budget bill

Bloomberg: The Senate yesterday passed a $1.01 trillion budget deal easing $63 billion in automatic spending cuts, raising user fees and lowering the U.S. deficit over 10 years. The plan keeps in place about half of the spending cuts known as sequestration for next year, and about three-quarters of the planned reductions for 2015. Nine Republicans joined all Democrats to back the measure, which passed the Senate 64-36.


40 million Target customers have credit/debit card info stolen

The New York Times: Target Corp. confirmed Thursday morning that it was investigating a security breach involving stolen credit card and debit card information for 40 million of its retail customers Target said that cybercriminals had accessed customer names, credit or debit card numbers, expiration dates and three-digit security codes for 40 million customers who had shopped at its stores. The retailer said it had confirmed that its online customers were not affected by the breach, which appears to have been isolated to the cash registers in Target's retail stores.

Don't expect an early tax refund next year

CNNMoney: You may have to wait a little longer for your tax refund if you plan on filing early this year. The Internal Revenue Service said Wednesday that it would not start processing 2013 tax returns until Jan. 31 next year, 10 days later than originally scheduled.The agency cited the 16-day partial government shutdown in October as the reason for the delay.