Stock market to watch Yellen

Reuters: Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen returns to Capitol Hill to speak to a Senate panel on Thursday, giving the second part of her comments on monetary policy. She had already reassured Wall Street with her testimony on Feb. 11 to the House Financial Services Committee that the Fed would not make any changes to its schedule for trimming its stimulus.

G20 pledges to add $2 trillion to global economy

CNNMoney: The largest global economies have pledged to install policies that will add $2 trillion to the world economy over the next five years. The G20 - the world's 19 richest nations and the European Union - said the reforms aim to lift collective GDP by more than 2 percent. The group is placing a new emphasis on private-sector infrastructure spending, the latest sign that policymakers are moving way from austerity policies, and that major economies are now willing to to take on measures to support growth.

Google's Schmidt to give the world a $1 million tech upgrade

CNNMoney: Google Inc. co-founder Eric Schmidt plans to dole out $1 million to companies around the world to help them upgrade their communication technology. Schmidt, former CEO of the provider of the world's most dominant Internet search browser, did not identify the companies that would receive the cash.