Fits and starts for economy

MarketWatch: U.S. growth was sputtering before the partial shutdown of the federal government in early October, and judging by the latest look under the hood, it could take a while before the economy generates enough power to get over the latest speed humps.

We kept the lights on boosted industrial output last month
Bloomberg: Industrial production advanced 0.6 percent in September, driven by high use of electricity, the Federal Reserve said today. Output at factories rose 0.1 percent after a revised 0.5 percent gain in August that was smaller than initially estimated. The figures showed declines in production of such nondurable goods as chemicals and textiles, while output of autos and business equipment rose.

Imelda Marcos has an $829 billion idea
Bloomberg Businessweek: Former Philippine first lady Imelda Marcos, known for her extravagant lifestyle, has the globe's energy future in her sights and believes she has the exclusive rights to mine a trench 6.5 miles below the ocean's surface for an isotope that could speed the development of nuclear reactors.