Investors avoiding stocks, choosing to stash cash or buy bonds
CNNMoney: New data shows that investors have slashed their exposure to U.S. stocks in recent weeks, choosing instead to pile into bonds or simply hold cash. Many are still fearful of another major drop in the stock market, and they aren't sure how to read the current conditions. It's a peculiar period in the market, with tumbling small-cap stocks, diminished volatility and low interest rates for the foreseeable future.

Here's the fine: three minutes worth of JPMorgan profits
Bloomberg: The world's biggest bond dealers, including JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Morgan Stanley, failed to properly report trades to the industry's price-tracking system more than 11,000 times. JPMorgan's penalty: about three minutes of its annual profit. That equals $95,000.

Few women in top tech positions
VentureBeat: A new survey of 3,211 chief information officers finds that women make up only 7 percent of top tech positions, down 2 percent from last year. About one-third of CIOs do not believe women are underrepresented in their departments.