Retail sales rise less than expected in May
Reuters: Retail sales rose less than expected in May, but that probably will do little to change expectations of an acceleration in growth this quarter as data for the prior months was revised higher. The Commerce Department said today that retail sales gained 0.3 percent last month. Retail sales, which account for a third of consumer spending, rose by a revised 0.5 percent in April.

European court upholds $1.44 billion Intel fine
Reuters: U.S. chip maker Intel Corp. has lost its challenge against a record 1.06 billion euro ($1.44 billion) European Union fine handed down five years ago, as Europe's second highest court said today that regulators did not act too harshly.

Facebook to allow users to revise ad profiles
The New York Times:  If you have ever wondered why Facebook showed you that advertisement for a new iPhone game or a cheap flight to Bermuda, you will soon be able to find out. Facebook Inc. plans to announce today that it is going to give its users the ability to see the dossiers of likes and interests it keeps on them, as well as the ability to change, add or delete information in those files. And if you don't like an ad, you will be able to tell the social network what types of marketing messages you would rather see.