WHO panel says it's ethical to use unproven drugs in Ebola outbreak

Bloomberg: Developers of unproven Ebola drugs received backing from medical ethicists to deploy the therapies against the worst outbreak of the deadly disease on record. The decision, by a panel of outside advisers to the World Health Organization, gives stricken West African nations more confidence to request drugs and will boost production at the U.S. drug company that makes a drug to treat Ebola.


Small businesses happier in July

Reuters: Small business sentiment rose in July, in a boost to the economic outlook at the start of the third quarter, according to the National Federation of Independent Business. The index increased to 95.7 last month after it dropped in June. The survey added to employment, manufacturing and services sector data in suggesting momentum in the economy early in the third quarter.


Firefighting leader: Police, firefighters should agree to pension cuts

New York Times: Bryan Jeffries, the chief of Arizona's firefighters' association, says his members - and the state's police officers, too - should volunteer to cut their own pension benefits. Jeffries said the voluntary reduction of benefits would help save their woefully underfunded retirement plan and bail out towns and cities that are struggling to keep up with their mandated contributions.