Google is testing drones

MarketWatch: Google Inc. reportedly has been testing autonomous drone delivery for the last two years in Australia under a program nicknamed "Project Wing." The search giant sees the technology as way to deliver much-needed medicines and supplies in emergencies such as floods or earthquakes. Drone delivery has also been eyed by Inc. as a way to improve customer service. The Google project was detailed in this lengthy Atlantic story.


Consumer spending dipped in July

Consumer spending dropped in July for the first time in six months, according to the U.S. Commerce Department, Bloomberg reported. Household purchases decreased 0.1 percent after increasing 0.4 percent in June, according to the Commerce Department report. 


Tragedy-hit Malaysia Airlines to lose 6,000 jobs in bold revamp

Reuters: Malaysia Airlines will slash nearly a third of its 20,000-person workforce and cut back its global route network as part of a radical 6 billion ringgit ($1.9 billion) restructuring following the devastating impact of two jetliner disasters. The 42-year-old company will be delisted by the end of the year under the broad revival plan announced by state fund Khazanah Nasional on Friday that aims to bring long-elusive efficiency and global standards to the loss-generating carrier.