Obamacare website a work in progress, government says

CNNMoney: The Obama administration said Sunday it has expanded the team maintaining the Obamacare website amid widespread reports of glitches and errors that have prevented many from accessing and registering through the site. A White House official told CNN that President Barack Obama would speak publicly about the site's issues on Monday. He said in a recent interview with an Iowa television station the site has made "some significant progress, but until it's 100 percent, I'm not going to be satisfied."


Tablet makers gear up for Tuesday release day

The New York Times: The intense competition in the tablet market will be highlighted on Tuesday, as Apple Inc., Nokia Corp. and Microsoft Corp. each introduce new tablets. Those devices will be competing for consumer attention against several others recently released by other tech heavyweights, including Amazon.com Inc., Google Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co. The stakes are high, and getting higher, as demand for tablets has exploded in the last few years. About 120 million tablets were shipped in 2012, nearly seven times as many as in 2010, when the Apple iPad was first released and generated wide interest, according to Gartner Inc., a market research company.


Flood insurance costs soaring for thousands of homeowners

CNNMoney: Homeowners who live along the nation's coasts and river valleys are discovering that changes made to the National Flood Insurance Program are causing their insurance premiums to skyrocket at alarming rates. Earlier this month, part of a new law, called the Biggert-Waters Insurance Reform Act of 2012, went into effect that phases out flood insurance subsidies on hundreds of thousands of older homes. The government has also been revising its flood zone maps and reassessing the level of flood risk for various areas. As a result, millions of homeowners either have to buy flood insurance for the first time or pay a significantly higher premium on their existing policies.