Dumb Starbucks: Authorities aren't laughing

CNNMoney: Who would've guessed Dumb Starbucks was a joke? Apparently not the Los Angeles County Health Department. County health officials shut down the parody coffee joint Monday around the time television comedian Nathan Fielder emerged as the proprietor. Dumb Starbucks opened its doors this weekend in L.A., and the baristas gave away free coffee until they ran out. The shop mimicked the Starbucks menu, but placed the word "dumb" in front of every product. The store caused something of a media stir, and even prompted a response from Starbucks, which objected to the blatant use of a protected trademark.


Revelations by AOL boss raise fears over privacy

The New York Times: Tim Armstrong, the chief executive of AOL, apologized last weekend for publicly revealing sensitive health care details about two employees to explain why the online media giant had decided to cut benefits. He even reinstated the benefits after a backlash. But patient and workforce experts say the gaffe could have a lasting impact on how comfortable - or discomfited - Americans feel about bosses' data-mining their personal lives.


Target lawsuits: Do they have a case?

CNNMoney: Aggrieved customers and their lawyers have filed at least 70 lawsuits against Target since the retailer reported its giant holiday shopping data breach. Now those cases have to grind their way through the court system - a process that experts say could take years and have little benefit for customers.