Buffett: Not lifting U.S. debt ceiling would be 'dumb'

Reuters: "Billionaire investor Warren Buffett said that politicians not lifting the U.S. debt ceiling would be 'pretty damn dumb' and viewed a prolonged political standoff on the issue as 'disturbing.'"


Hurdles are still high for a new Fed front-runner

The New York Times: "As the favorite to succeed Ben S. Bernanke to lead the Federal Reserve, Janet L. Yellen faces no shortage of hurdles. The first would be to win confirmation from the Senate - an obstacle that doomed the previous front-runner for the job, Lawrence H. Summers. ... The second, even bigger, challenge would be to manage the central bank's retreat from its unprecedented efforts to stimulate the economy, even as the nation's job market remains frustratingly weak more than four years after the Great Recession."


More Americans feel graduates unprepared after college

CNNMoney: "College students settling in for the year may not graduate feeling as ready for the workforce as they expected. Although a majority of Americans believe a college degree is the most important factor in career success, they're increasingly skeptical schools are doing a good enough job to prepare students, a new study conducted for Northeastern University found. Sixty-two percent of the people surveyed rated colleges' efforts to prepare graduates for the economy as 'poor' or 'fair,' according to the study."