Our friends at the U.S. Census Bureau reminded us of the diverse data the agency has on Iowa — such as how many dentist offices and toy stores we have. And how those numbers change over the years. 
For example, the number of dentist offices was fairly stable with 1,052 in 2014 and 1,056 in 2010. That’s a lot of smiles, in the aisles or not. Amusement parks? Four, down from five. We figure that means they aren’t counting things like water parks or those batting cage/mini-golf/ice cream hangouts. 
The biggest category listed — fast-food restaurants — grew to 1,918 in 2014, up from 1,855 in 2010. So we know you are out there buying Egg McMuffins and burgers. But when you get home, you apparently are ordering your movies on the satellite system or Netflix. The number of video stores dropped to 54 in 2014, a sharp drop from 127 in 2010, the Census Bureau reported. 
We did better on candy stores, holding on to 19 (we suspect the number is far higher than that), down from 23. 
Need dog food? Choose from 73 stores, the same as in 2010. But you toy shoppers must be going online more — toy stores fell to 84, down from 99.