It's been five years since our managing editor and longtime columnist, Jim Pollock, passed away unexpectedly after complications from cancer. It's hard to believe. Jim, who wrote the delightfully witty and informative column "Transitions," was my first editor, and left an impression on many in the business community with his writing. I still mention his piece about parking -- read it here; trust me, it's still relevant. His son Travis also has the gift of the written word. Travis, who's currently working at Grinnell College, reached out my way to share a short piece he wrote in honor of his father, and I wanted to share it with those of you who knew Jim over the years. Here's a short excerpt from Travis' piece that describes him imagining what his dad would say about Des Moines' rapid transition over the past five years. "He always told us that Des Moines was in its "Golden Age." That was back in 2012 but I can imagine what he would say now: "Geez, two skyscrapers proposed for one location? Don't they know we have plenty of space?" "Exactly how many taprooms do you kids need?" and "You put a grocery store where?!" Like father, like son. Read his full piece here