One of the interesting elements of Iowa’s surge in renewable energy is the debate of the appearance of the new systems. Some people love the look of a field of wind turbines, while others — including some owners of posh homes at the Iowa Great Lakes — don’t like the natural view disrupted.

Cities, suburbs in particular, have struggled with how to regulate solar panels. Some U.S. cities won’t allow them of the roof, where they could offend someone’s asphalt-shingles-as-art sensibilities. Sometimes they are required to be on the ground.

Iowa Environmental Focus reports - - that Tesla is coming up with solar roofs covered with tiles that look like shingles. They’ll be on the market this summer, for $42 a square foot, cheaper if you want to mix in some tiles that don’t produce solar power. But you may be able to deduct 30 percent of the cost from your federal income taxes.