Here in the sleepy Midwest we want service, pronto, when calling businesses, according to a survey of 2,234 consumers by PH Media Group, which says in a release that it is an audio branding specialist. Just 53 percent of Midwesterners are willing to be placed on hold for longer than 1 minute, compared with 57 percent of Northeasterners. Women are more patient than men, according to the survey, with 60 percent willing to remain on the line for longer than a minute, compared with 49 percent of men. Age matters, too. Fifty-nine percent of people ages 45 to 64 will wait more than a minute, compared with 50 percent of their relative youngsters ages 18 to 34. On the other hand, young people are more receptive to on-hold messages. So what, you might ask. PMG Group, based in London, said the survey points out the need for businesses to keep customers "engaged and entertained" while kept on hold.