Today, DuPont Co. announced plans to construct two state-of-the-art seed treatment centers, one at its DuPont Pioneer campus in Johnston and the other at its corporate headquarters in Wilmington, Del.


The facilities, the first of the company's planned DuPont Integrated Seed Science Network, will play an integral role in the expansion of its seed treatment business, DuPont officials said in a release.


"Seed treatments play a vital role in the success of a crop - from protecting seeds from pests and disease to complementing germplasm and traits to promoting plant vigor and stand establishment," said Mick Messman, director of the DuPont Seed Treatment Enterprise.


The new seed science centers will enable DuPont to test new formulations under unique environmental conditions to create tailored treatments that meet specific grower needs.


"The testing at our seed science centers will help us understand all of the dynamics of seed treatment application," Messman said. "Gathering this information is beneficial not only to us, but to our collaborators and customers, as we will be able to better identify and develop improved seed treatment application combinations and techniques."


In November 2013, the Iowa Economic Development Authority approved $3.6 million in tax incentives to DuPont Pioneer for a nearly $50 million multiphase expansion, which included a planned 20,000-square-foot seed treatment research and education center.


Construction of the Wilmington center is scheduled to be completed this September and the Johnston center by next summer.