Scott Raecker, executive director of Character Counts in Iowa, will become the CEO of the Josephson Institute of Ethics, the institute announced today.


In 1992, the institute created Character Counts, which has grown to nearly 1,000 organizations.


Michael Josephson is retiring as president of the Josephson Institute, which he founded in 1987.

Raecker will continue to lead Character Counts in Iowa. He has been executive director of the Iowa organization since it was founded in 1997. He also is currently chairman of the board of directors of the Josephson Institute.

Raecker said that Iowa is a leader in Character Counts, and he's excited to bring the state's best practices to the national level. He said his role as CEO with the Josephson Institute will help the state.

"That's what excites me the most, is that the best practices of Iowa will now have an opportunity to impact the country, and the best national resources in these areas are going to be coming into Iowa to greatly impact the lives of Iowans," he said.

Raecker, of Urbandale, also served in the Iowa House of Representatives from 1999 through 2012.


Character Counts in Iowa is housed as a grant-funded institute at Drake University.