A new study concluded that American companies might not have as much of a need for foreign technology workers as they say they do, Fortune reported.


Bright, a California-based company that uses big data analysis to pair job seekers with employers, released a report that shows that for the top 10 jobs where H-1B visas are requested, only three do not currently have enough qualified American applicants to satisfy demand.


The H-1B program is designed to help companies recruit high-skilled workers.

"The main conclusion that we need more foreign tech workers is not true," says David Hardtke, Bright's chief scientist. "We need to be more targeted in our use of this program."


Bright found that the most requested position when applying for an H-1B is computer systems analyst. The study determined that the position has few qualified American candidates, but it is also a lower-paying job compared with jobs such as software engineer and requires only a two-year degree.


For higher-paying jobs such as computer programmers and software developers, the study found one domestic job candidate for every H-1B application.


Locally, StartupCity Des Moines principal Tej Dhawan has been an advocate for expanding the number of H-1B visas, as well as giving more opportunities for foreign tech workers to start their own companies in the United States. Read more about his views at his blog.