Google Inc.'s services account for nearly a quarter of Internet traffic in North America,CNN Money reported. That is according to a study conducted by analytics firm DeepField.


That makes Google's presence bigger than the presences of Facebook Inc., Netflix Inc. and Twitter Inc. combined.


In 2010, Google represented just 6 percent of Internet traffic, and Google is growing faster than the Internet as a whole.


The study also found that 60 percent of all Internet-connected devices interact with Google servers during the course of an average day, which include devices such as game consoles and home media devices. Google also commands the largest chunk of the smartphone and tablet markets with its Android devices.


In other tech news, Facebook reports its second-quarter earnings tomorrow, The Wall Street Journal reported. In some good news for the company, the number of minutes that U.S. smartphone users spent on Facebook more than doubled in the second quarter, according to analytics researcher comScore Inc.