A new survey indicates a disconnect between employers and the workers they hire.


A Robert Half survey of 450 people found that 41 percent felt that they had accepted a job that turned out to be different than what they thought during the hiring process.


There is some age discrepancy, though:

  • Among people ages 18 to 34, 51 percent said they had taken a job that turned out different than what they thought.
  • Among people ages 35 to 44, 43 percent felt the job was different
  • Among people ages 45 to 54, 38 percent felt the job was different.
  • Among people ages 55 to 64, only 27 percent said they felt the job was different.

The top discrepancy is in the category of job duties, as 53 percent of people said that's how the job differed from what they expected. A total of 23 percent cited corporate culture, 20 percent cited work hours and 18 percent cited pay and benefits being different than they expected.